Hi I'm Grey

You might know me from various places. Most likely my from my ShitPosting on twitter. This website contains all my art and info on my socials.

Find my ref sheet here

About me

I am an Enterprise Systems Software Engineer. I obtained my Software Engineers degree back in Spring of 2021. After obtaining my degree I moved out to the DFW area for my career.

I found the furry fandom back in 2018, but didnt create a fursona for another 9 months. I have been very active in the community since 2019. Its been a blast and I enjoy getting lots of art and going to furcons.


I recieved my Partial Suit from my amazing maker Sleepi in September. They brought my boy into reality and did an amazing job. I highly reccommend them

You can find photos of my suit, and of other sleepi suiters on furtrack.

View both below